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Jul 15, 2016

This is just the intro episode - don't listen to it - it's boring.


Episode 0 - An Introduction to the Getting To Know Duvall Podcast

Hi I'm Seth Gerou, and this is the introductory episode of the Getting To Know Duvall podcast.  My Family and I moved to Duvall, well technically unincorporated King County with a Duvall mailing address, in October of 2015.

As a new community member, I wanted to find a way of getting to know the area.  I also had a strong desire to volunteer my time, but wanted to give back in a way that only I could.

So here's my idea:  I'm recording a series of interviews with Duvall businesses and organizations.  The interviews will get edited down to 3-5 minutes, and will hopefully be released at least twice a month.  My goal is to present a different side of local businesses and organizations - the side you might get when you spend a few minutes chatting with the owner or manager, but might not experience even after years of patronage.

I hope you enjoy this series.  I know I'll have fun making it.

See you around town!