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Sep 23, 2016
E3 - Studio Beju - Bonus 2 - The Standard Tour

An audio tour of Studio Beju.

Sep 23, 2016
E3 - Studio Beju - Bonus 1 - Sound Bowls Preview

A brief introduction and preview of Sound Bowls.

Sep 23, 2016
E3 - Studio Beju - Main Interview

An interview with Geraldine Banes, owner of Studio Beju.

Aug 9, 2016
E2 - Duvall Hardware

An interview with Mat Higgins, Owner of Duvall Hardware.

Jul 15, 2016

An Interview with Jeff Wolf - Owner of Duvall Fitness.

Episode 1 – An interview with Jeff Wolf – Owner of Duvall Fitness

[Seth Gerou] Hi. I’m Seth Gerou, and this is episode 1 of the Getting To Know Duvall podcast, and ongoing series about Duvall businesses and organizations. On this episode: Duvall Fitness.

Most times when I drive by Duvall Fitness, a voice in my head says “You’re hungry! You should stop for a chicken burrito next door.” A whole lot less frequently, a more sensible voice says “You should join that gym, lose some weight, and take better care of yourself”. Then this other voice in my head chimes in and says “Who are you kidding?!
Gym’s are just buildings filled with exercise equipment you don’t like and don’t know how to use.” If I’m being completely honest, once I actually drove to Duvall Fitness with the intention of going in and becoming a member. At the last moment, I reconsidered, went next door, and got a chicken burrito.

I’m excited to see what ideas Jeff Wolf, Owner of Duvall Fitness, can come up with to help me choose going to the gym over eating that tasty, tasty chicken burrito.

[Jeff Wolf] My name is Jeff Wolf. I’m the owner of Duvall Fitness here in Duvall Washington.

I think goals are one of the primary needs of anything we do, whether it’s in business, our personal lives, or workout. You should have a goal going into it. Maybe you’re overweight… “I need to lose 20 pounds.”, “I need to trim or sculpt this part of my body.”, “I need to get out that tire that’s around my belly.” All of those are specific goals that we can address. Goals are very important.

[Seth Gerou] Ok, that makes sense. I guess my goals would be: Lose 30 pounds, increase my stamina, and get in shape now, so my body is still capable of being active when I’m older. How do I get started though? I’ve gone to gyms a few times before, and I’ll admit, I really don’t know what I’m doing.

[Jeff Wolf] You go in and you’re like “Gosh, what am I going to do?” You know, you’re going to look at this big gym full of equipment, and you need to start somewhere. Coming in with a formed plan, knowing exactly how you’re going to approach your workout experience for that day is very important. Trying to accomplish a whole body workout in one day is very difficult. So, for example, If I’m going to go out and workout for the day, I’m going to have a cardio day one day, another day I’m going to have a weight day for my upper body, then I’m going to have another cardio day, and then I’m gonna have a weight day for my lower body. Going in with a plan, I think, is crucial to making sure that you have a good fitness experience.

[Seth Gerou] That really resonates with me. It sounds a lot like the way I approach large tasks: breaking them down into smaller components until I’m left with manageable chunks and a clear set of actionable steps. Maybe I’ll borrow Jeff’s plan: cardio one day, then upper body, then another cardio day, then a lower body day. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? But how do I stay committed? I’ve had this New Year’s resolution before.

[Jeff Wolf] Being in an environment where you have other people to hold you accountable is a really great thing. When you live in Duvall, you’re kind of a member here, and people love to socialize and be a part of this community in many different ways. Duvall Fitness is more than a building, and it’s more than a bunch of equipment. We’re a community of people that have the goal of being healthy. We get about 300 to 350 people through our doors ever day, so if you can build community here, all of a sudden, you have people that ask “why weren’t you here the last couple of days?”. So, it adds some reason to go to the gym. To meet people, watch them, learn from their exercises, get an effective workout plan together. That’s where it’s all out.

[Seth Gerou] I’ve got to say, this sounds pretty doable. I’ve got some goals, I have the beginnings of a plan, and I can join a class to meet people who can help keep me accountable. I’m gonna give it a shot. I hope to see you at Duvall Fitness. Who knows, maybe I can help keep you accountable to your goals some day.

Big thanks to Jeff Wolf for volunteering to be my first interview. I hope he enjoyed this as much as I did, and I hope you enjoyed episode 1 of the Getting To Know Duvall podcast.

Thanks for listening. See you around town!

Jul 15, 2016

This is just the intro episode - don't listen to it - it's boring.


Episode 0 - An Introduction to the Getting To Know Duvall Podcast

Hi I'm Seth Gerou, and this is the introductory episode of the Getting To Know Duvall podcast.  My Family and I moved to Duvall, well technically unincorporated King County with a Duvall mailing address, in October of 2015.

As a new community member, I wanted to find a way of getting to know the area.  I also had a strong desire to volunteer my time, but wanted to give back in a way that only I could.

So here's my idea:  I'm recording a series of interviews with Duvall businesses and organizations.  The interviews will get edited down to 3-5 minutes, and will hopefully be released at least twice a month.  My goal is to present a different side of local businesses and organizations - the side you might get when you spend a few minutes chatting with the owner or manager, but might not experience even after years of patronage.

I hope you enjoy this series.  I know I'll have fun making it.

See you around town!